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— Avram Fisher

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Financial education is a big part of our reason for being in this business. We want our clients to understand what we do and why we do it, and we want to help them with their capital allocation decisions, whether its buying (or renovating) a house, financing retirement or college, or making an investment decision on their own.

Over time, this part of our website will be a resource to those looking to make financial or investment decisions.

Since our portfolio management style isn't appropriate for everyone, we will gladly refer clients to someone who is appropriate. We would rather have the right clients and keep them forever than the wrong clients and work to maintain the wrong relationship. can help them, we will refer them to someone who think about their capital allocation decisions better and differently. They inherenlyt will help us as well. - in as much as they want - think about their own capital allocation deicions make understand how their capital is working.

Anyone can learn to do what we do, over time and with patience and diligent study. We are more than happy to help any o four clients We aim to help our clients understand what we are doing and why, and potentially deliver returns on capital that exceed the market, with less risk, less tumult, and while avoiding companies whose missions are at odds with our ethics.