"They say you get what you pay for, but that's not really true; what you pay, someone else pockets. We think you should keep more of what you earn."

When you entrust your hard earned capital to an investment adviser, it should be for your benefit not theirs

We consider ourselves the "food truck version" of a hedge fund, charging a low-cost fee but managing towards differentiated returns. 

Most financial advisers shepherd clients to undifferentiated strategies, outsourcing portfolio management to 3rd party vendors (who charge additional fees) while providing assurances through market swings, based typically on historical market returns. 

Most hedge funds charge high fees for managing capital, then tend towards impatient strategies that yield underwhelming results, or generate returns using risky levered strategies (i.e. with borrowed money). Their opaque structure, lock up periods, and compensation implies the customer works for them, and not vice versa.

We own the same stocks you own. We do not benefit from trading your account. We do not resell any other products. 

* If you are an accredited investor and would prefer a performance fee structure please contact us to discuss.