Book rec: Social Media Strategies for Investing

Just read Social Media Strategies for Investing by my friend and former colleague (at two firms) Brian Egger. If you're under 30 you probably know how to use social media for *everything* but for the over 40 and pre-internet crowd this was a very quick read and easy guide to using various non-traditional sources of information - cashtags on twitter, various blogs, etc. - for investment tracking and research. It's not a huge leap to figuring out how to use it for due diligence as well.

Individual investors may be surprised to hear that on the institutional / investment banking side of the world, social networks are verboten b/c of compliance reasons, so exposure to these avenues is limited. This was a helpful guide to peeling and revealing several layers of the onion that is the social network.

Amazon link to Social Media Strategies for Investing