... it's the liberty bell!

The growth of US economy is virtually guaranteed for the initial years of our oil renaissance. But let's not confuse good timing and the fortune of real estate (above and below ground) with our best and most enduring asset. GDP growth is cyclical but the Liberty Bell endures.

Putting aside for a moment its unfortunate location in Philadelphia (where fans would boo a strong currency simply b/c it could beat the Eagles), the Liberty Bell - and the freedom it represents - is this country's truly unique assets.

The mall, Hollywood, and Wall Street have all been replicated elsewhere in the world but FREEDOM is the only idea of America that hasn't been commoditized and copied. That is special. It's our competitive advantage. It's why people want to come here.

So why is Congress trampling our liberty and making what is most attractive - the freedom to come and work here - into a liability? Someone should remind them we must lead with your strengths and promote, not suppress, our great experiment and our greatest assets.