Avram Fisher, Founder and Principal of Long Cast Advisers, LLC

"Practice not-doing, and everything will fall into place."
- Lao Tzu

I'm a former reporter, private investigator and institutional equity analyst who digs deep to find niche undervalued and undiscovered securities.

Before starting Long Cast Advisers, I worked as an institutional research analyst covering Multi-Industrials, Business Services and Engineering & Construction in public equity markets (CSFB and BMO Capital) and Consumer Goods and Telecommunications in private equity (Cisneros Group).

Prior to institutional finance, I worked as a private investigator (BackTrack Reports); a writer, reporter and factchecker (New York Observer, Gannet, Meredith); in corporate governance analysis (GMI); and as a restaurant runner (Bowery Bar) among other things.

I apply the same lessons from prior experiences (a reporter’s due diligence, creativity, moxie and a commitment to integrity) to investing.

I have a lot of “repetitions” analyzing companies large and small; speaking with executives, customers and competitors; attending conventions; and assessing probabilities around long term valuation. I know I’m not smarter than the market but see patience, fundamental research and a sense of reasonableness and imagination as the keys to results that are apart from the market.

My wife is an attorney and we have two sons and two cats. I am treasurer of the PA of Middle School 51 in Brooklyn.  

Long Cast Advisers is licensed and state registered. We use Interactive Brokers as our third-party custodian for separately managed accounts. 

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